Gregory Heck

The Photog with the Epic Beard

Gregory Heck has over 20 years experience in photographing fashion, beauty, lifestyle and events.  He is a native Floridian and feels blessed to be a photographer in one of our country’s most spectacular states.  While his travels have taken him half way around the world, he resides in Volusia County in the beachside community of Ormond Beach with Corrine and their 3 children. Greg has had a broad career in photography, from his free-lance days on the FSView newspaper to his photo-editor days shooting for magazines in South Florida. He’s photographed major sporting events, swimsuit calendars and movie premieres.  While carrying his camera, Greg has had the opportunity to work with notable athletes, musicians, models and now, brides.  Gregory is a true storyteller at heart and is able to tell stories with his photography.  His intensity, charm, creativity, and sentimental style help him to bring together local professionals in the wedding industry.  Greg’s most favorite activity is being a Dad.  He’s an amazing coach, a loyal protector and an outstanding friend.   Greg is the Dad standing in the rain with the umbrella after school on a rainy day.  He’s the one keeping watch for knucklehead kids starting trouble and the one that will regulate like an early western sheriff when duty calls.  One word to describe Greg:  Gravitas!  The man is electric.   Greg would say his finest masterpiece is his adorable, well-mannered and gifted children.  Together, Greg and Corrine provide a loving home while creating priceless images he captures for their clients week after week.